Block Blog 9: Block Play Resource List

Looking for adult resources around Block Play? There are several good ones available!
Let's start the list with resources that support last week's post, Inquiry in the Block Area:

1) "What does STEM look like in preschool and what is STEM anyway?" , part of the BAM radio series on early childhood education, featuring Rae Pica, Sherri Killins, Lilian Katz and Deborah J. Stewart

2) The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is our national voice for mathematics education. You can find more information about math process standards on the NCTM website. The handbook for parents on the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) website, Practicing Science Process Skills at Home, has descriptions of science process skills, and lists of questions and activities that promote inquiry. Note that young children's process skills develop best through play -- observing, interacting with and talking about the materials that surround them -- like blocks!

3) Chalufour, Ingrid and Worth, Karen, Building Structures with Young Children,  a nationally field-tested teacher-friendly curriculum that supports the early development of science-inquiry through unit block play. A trainer's guide and dvd is also available.

Resources to support families' understanding of the importance of block play:

4) “Welcome to a Family Block Party!” packet by Joan Laurion, Launching into Literacy and Math, 2010. Videos of Joan's LILM presentations are also featured in the Video section of the Math at Play website. You'll find a video about Patti LaCross' block project with Madison Family Literacy there, too!

Additional Books:

5) Hirsch, Elisabeth, The Block Book
6) Pollman, Mary Jo, Blocks and Beyond
7) MacDonald, Sharon, Block Play
8) DeVries, Rheta and Sales, Christina, Ramps and Pathways

9) Items of Interest on the Math at Play website:

Problem-Solving with Hollow Blocks interactive workshop
Block Play Parent Page
"Constructing Math" Picture Book List
Preschool Math Coaching Cards
Math at Play blog (currently featuring posts on block play)
Math at Play facebook page

Dig in! Make yourself comfortable! And let the block play begin!

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One Response to Block Blog 9: Block Play Resource List

  1. Amy Peterson says:

    LOVE the website. I clicked on Block Play resources because it reminded me of my colleague, Dr. Walter Drew. He is the creator of Dr. Drew's Blocks, but also the "Play" expert (with or without blocks)! Just a thought..... I believe he may be contacted through his website for the Institute for Self Active Education! Amy